Cappsure’s mobile App features a variety of  mobile and back-office reporting tools to make field reporting simple and efficient. These include checklists, inspection reports, work orders, asset management tools, geofenced properties, GPS reporting, and maintenance service reports.

Real-time dashboards and service reporting tools provide decision-makers with actionable data to quickly understand and solve problems.  We created simple real-time, automated reporting tools with you in mind.

All your Business Needs in One App

We know that one size does not fit all. Cappsure’s enables customization of checklists, inspection reports , geofences and Tap & Map picture inventory. This allows any of our customers, their branches, sub companies or vendors to easily configure Cappsure to meet their specific needs.



Get everyone on the same page with a real-time inspection reporting tool.

It is possible to perform exterior or interior inspections with the inspection feature. Geofencing technology improves real-time reporting accuracy and allows inspectors to track their time spent on site by having inspectors within the property’s geofence. Report details and status are shared instantly through app notifications. Additionally, you can take pictures, make notes, and find locations on a map within the app.


This tool ensures consistency in managing site tasks.

With Cappsure, you can manage mobile checklists across all your properties, location managers, and service contractors. In addition to viewing and completing checklist tasks, users can add photos and notes if needed. Managers, team members, or clients receive the completed reports instantly. This system provides consistent reporting, real-time intelligence, and a quality approach to managing multiple sites.

Work Orders

Manage Work Orders Anytime, Anywhere.

One of the biggest challenges for Property and Facilities Management professionals is
managing staff and vendors across a wide portfolio of properties. Accountability drives quality, preventing unplanned capital expenditures and unplanned maintenance of your assets. Some of our key features are:






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Identify the tasks that need to be completed on a property.

Map the exact location of tasks on the property that need to be completed.

Clearly describe details that are related to the task at hand. You can include multiple photos, pricing information, and notes.

By assigning tasks to specific individuals, they can record their completed tasks by simply taking pictures.

GPS Reporting Tools

Property Based Geofencing

  • Track in and out times with a geofence around property boundaries.

Easily created geofences mark a property’s boundary accurately so field-based employees understand their scope of work, where assets are located, and where work orders need to be completed.

Time In & Time Out

  • Cappsure automatically logs “time in” and “time out” for all assigned field workers with the app installed on their devices. You’ll be able to see who’s on the property in real-time.

Ensure Accountability

  • Mobile-based reports and work orders can only be submitted within the property boundary.

Vendor Management

Cappsure’s app makes your properties the focus for all user groups. Our platform and app includes internal management and teams as well as external vendor verticals like Janitorial services, Landscaping, HVAC, Parking Lighting and more. View any reports from any user for any property real-time or archived. Reports can be sorted by vendor and users will only see tasks specific to their vertical responsibilities.

This powerful single platform makes things so much easier for stakeholders to find specific property info with a few clicks.

Operational Dashboard

Easily monitor user productivity, live location,
work order status, revenue by property,
proposal status, and much more.

Maintenance Service Reports

Maintenance services can be recorded, saved, and reported directly from the field.

Key Features

  • Create a fast, accurate report of services from your mobile device.
  • Includes detailed GPS maps of services provided.
  • The picture-based inventory is easy to use, eliminating language barriers.
  • Easily communicate through email about the services provided.
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Parts/ Labor Tracking and Invoicing

More accurate tracking and billing system for small parts.

Key Features

  • Use your phone to map out small parts used.
  • Keep track of small, high-margin parts.
  • The picture-based inventory is easy to use. There is no need for a language barrier.
  • The ability to communicate to stakeholders where parts and services were provided.

Capture Billable Parts and Labor Real-Time

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Asset Mapping

Fixed assets can be easily mapped from a mobile device. A contractor who has access to
the asset module can view the location of these assets on the property, including notes
and photos. Create asset based work orders with ease.

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Estimating Proposals

Cappsure allows you to create professional, accurate enhancement proposals
directly from the field.

Key Features

  • Create fast & accurate proposals from your mobile device.
  • Stakeholders will receive a photo of the issue being addressed.
  • The picture-based inventory is easy to use.
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