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Running a profitable landscape company isn’t always about just getting the job done. That is rather the easiest part of the trade. Most business owners know that a lot more goes into operating a landscaping company that is successful as well as profitable – how a worker or office employee goes from one place to another in their day, and everything in between and behind it. Efficiency and effectiveness are at the heart of a landscape company’s success and especially in an economy where prices continue to rise. But how does a company be effective, successful, profitable while at the same time improve employee efficiency?

Heres how Cappsure’s landscape business management software has been helping businesses improve performance and increase revenue:

Work Remotely From Anywhere

If you’re a looking to succeed in 2021, then you need to be prepared to run your business remotely. Your landscape business can be more productive and more profitable only if its set up with the right technology, training and work processes. What if we tell you that you could close more sales, track your crews and keep your finger on the pulse of every project on the go — all from the back of your car or your front porch?

Enter: Cappsure

Our business management software lets you create work orders, proposals, invoices and much more on the go. You can check up on work progress and track your crew with photo documentation and geofencing.

Enormous time savings

Using software and apps to manage daily tasks like workers’ timesheets, job tracking, billing, scheduling and more, you can absolutely eliminate all kinds of time consuming, headache-inducing paperwork each week. It could also be that you constantly tackle problems from crews showing up and not knowing what they’re supposed to be doing, jobs taking too long or incomplete, crews waiting on materials to arrive at location… etc. This results in you spending precious time on phone calls and answering text messages to coordinate all sorts of things.
With Cappsure, you can assign work orders, track their progress, create reports on the same and also invoice clients.

Effective Communication

Clear and effective communication with your employees is essential to meet work expectations and standards on all fronts. The easiest way to simplify your Landscaping Business is to revolutionize the way instruction and information flows from the field to the office and vice versa.
On one hand Cappsure helps you clearly define to your field workers all job goals to be completed on a property, while on the other hand it updates the office administrators with real-time updates on the same. Crews can be assigned work on geofenced properties, assets can be mapped using GPS pin drops, worker time sheets are automatically recorded and completed work can also be viewed ith before and after photos.

2022 New Releases and Features

Mobile Checklists, Inspections, Dashboard Features, and Adding Attachments… More Simple, Powerful Field Reporting What’s new? Cappsure’s real-time mobile Inspection and Checklist reports. We’ve developed

It’s a Great Time To Improve Communication with Clients. (Think Automation)

Covid 19 has created a new normal for most businesses going forward.But business interruption events like this, present opportunities hidden in the challenges. To

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