Maintenance Reporting Video

We have a new video on how Cappsure empowers landscapers to collect and report on maintenance service activities in the field. Knowing what landscape crews are doing in the field is a challenge. Cappsure was developed by landscapers for landscapers, so trust us, we know how complicated it can be! It is a balancing act […]

Why I Embraced a Better Maintenance Reporting Process

Many of us entered the landscaping industry thinking we were starting a landscape business, not necessarily a service business. As our businesses grew, and we had the opportunity to acquire more accounts, many of us realized that “through service we grow”. As time has gone by I have come to believe this even more. What […]

Empowering Your Field Team With Technology

Landscape Management Software Team

Many mobile Apps that are created for service companies are based on a per user fee. These fees, of $50 or more per user per month typically, create one thought in the mind of the company owner,What employees are we going to limit this to?‚ amazing but the upfront cost of the per user model […]

The Landscaper’s Missed Opportunity: Pricing! Yes, You Deserve It!

So you own a landscape maintenance or a lawn services company. You pay for fuel every week, you pay your labor weekly and you pay for irrigation parts every time you order. Am I missing something or is one of these things like not the other. Yeah they are all expenses but you should absolutely […]

Introducing Technology to ESL Employees

App For Landscape Field Service

The premise of using field based technologies is to add efficiency, solve problems in the field where they happen and communicate internally and externally as quickly as possible. Information from the field, and being able to respond quickly, is integral to our success as landscapers. Sadly, many companies do not believe that their field employees are capable of using […]