It’s a Great Time To Improve Communication with Clients. (Think Automation)

Covid 19 has created a new normal for most businesses going forward.But business interruption events like this, present opportunities hidden in the challenges. To find those opportunities look to solid business fundamentals like communication, service standards, operation enhancements thru technology, pricing, or new product & services. Enhancing communication with clients is always a good thing!

Some of us are more outgoing and have that priceless skill of networking. Which has built many successful companies. But the majority of us are busy managing people and services and the time we set aside for operations related  communication is minimal. Think about it. How do you currently communicate services to clients? For most of us the answer is with an invoice! That’s because operations communications to clients is time consuming. It’s hard to gather organize and send field data like services, photos, notes, dates, times and then share them with clients.

Imagine if a good portion of operational communications to clients was automated. To the point where it would include valuable information of specific services , date, time, photos and notes. Sure, you can be passive and wait for clients to ask specific service questions but why not provide them with the knowledge, data and access to information.

Sharing service details with clients builds their trust and confidence in their service, which in turn build customer loyalty and referrals. It’s a simple formula.

Cappsure’s automated, field reporting, communication tools, make it easy and convenient for the busiest service managers to communicate professionally with clients. Now’s a great time to bridge that communication gap even more between you and your clients. Improving that fundamental that will reap rewards coming out of this down cycle and reposition your company. For more information and to schedule an appointment go to www.cappsure.com.

Mike Martinez President, Cappsure Inc.

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