2022 New Releases and Features

Mobile Checklists, Inspections, Dashboard Features, and Adding Attachments… More Simple, Powerful Field Reporting

What’s new? Cappsure’s real-time mobile Inspection and Checklist reports.

We’ve developed some new & easy field reporting features with you in mind. In October, Cappsure rolled out its easiest field reporting tools to date with these extremely simple, user-friendly app features. Customizing your reports is easy as well. Create a template, then select properties and set the scheduled frequency. That’s it! On the app, users include photos and notes as needed for each line item, then complete and save reports.
By the way, we also took care of the business side of things by providing you with professionally formatted line-item reports with corresponding photos and notes that can be shared with your clients.

We added inspection and checklist metrics to our dashboard. See status and scores ranked by property, score escalation, and more. Learn more.

New – Add attachments and view on Cappsure mobile. Easily add excel, word, and pdf documents to any property for referencing on mobile.

Select the property from the “Property & Inventory” menu, opening it with the “Edit” option.

The “Documents” field is to the left of the property map. Select download to add documents that you want to reference on the app and then select “Update”.

On the mobile app, select the property, then select the blue attachment icon to view attachments.

Your attachments will then appear. Tap an attachment to open, view, or download it.

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